Thursday, July 17, 2014

4 Tries

Will, waiting for the V.A. to get him a place.
It took us four tries, but eventually we got Jesse and Brutus some food and water. Jesse was flying a sign, but we caught him moving from one spot to another, one intersection down on the access road to Route 8. We first left a couple of bags for Jesse and Brutus where we believed they waeres headed. We wanted to make sure they got the bags, so we circled around, down one road, up another, and another left turn, and we arrived to find out the bags we left for Jesse and Brutus were gone, taken by someone else. We didn't have anything prepared and the traffic light turned green, so we yelled that we'd be back, circling around again as before. Eventually, we got this right, and Jesse and his dog Brutus had their food and water and plenty of smiles.

Many people who are poor don't have bank accounts, and that makes them poorer. Read the Atlantic story.
Documentary Spent. How not having a bank account sucks.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

12 bucks and 18 years

Hadn't seen Elmer for a while. He was stuck in the hospital, and he's feeling a little old, but he jokes about it here...

In other news:  Rodney is a vet. He's having difficulty getting the VA and his primary care physician to cooperate. All he needs is a $12 prescription, but no one will pay for it, and, therefore, no one will give it to him. Eighteen years of service, and he can't get a $12 prescription.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wooden Legs

Rodney and Leroy
One after the other. Mayne, Conyetta, little William, a guy on his cell phone, and then Rodney and Leroy, who I had never met before, but they were very cordiale and interested in us being there.

Rodney asked about Butch Reynolds.

"He's probably well off," Leroy said, his head turned away, distracted by the distance.

"Probably so," I said without a clue.

"They tried to get him on drugs, right?" Rodney asked.

"I think so, but he was cleared of that," I responded, again, without a clue, and feelings a little guilty as a historian to be giving such weakly referenced information.

"What about that dude with the wooden legs who's on trial?" Leroy asked, again facing the winds rather than me.

"Pisistratus?" I asked, confusing the Ancient Athenian leader for the South African Pistorius.

"Yeah," Leroy said, sniffing the muggy air.

"Ya don't just shoot into a bathroom," Rodney declared. He continued on a fantastic explanation about the ongoing trial. It all made as much sense to me as any other explanation.

He thanked us, and we told him to return next week. A couple of new friends.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Derby Staff

Changed up our summer Wednesday hours. We decided to venture out during the afternoon. We're meeting some new faces, while still enjoying the old ones.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

brushin' teeth with beer

Maddi the Pizza Lady
It rained today. It rained all night long. I wore a jacket, and Anthony needed one. I thought about giving up the jacket I had worn five times in the last ten years, but I thought against it. Why? Why'd I thought against giving a jacket I don't wear to a homeless dude who lives in the woods--who works odd factory jobs thanks to a temp agency--who welcomes other struggling souls refuge in his camp site--who praises us for stopping in the woods with food and water. I paused, and thought to keep my jacket. It's tough to spend a day, indoors, cozy with my pets, with my dry warmth, being paid over a relaxing summer. I paused. Will I pause the next time?

Michelle Obama on homeless vets----------------------------See More

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Water delivery
We see people in the woods, in back alleys, along the railroad tracks, sitting chill on the sidewalk, in the comforts of a house and discomforts of other houses. We laugh and hug and listen and joke and smile and enjoy it all...well, most all of it. Last night, probably with the help of fatigue, I stepped outside myself and observed the scene in front of me from beyond, a distant view, and I remembered that some of our friends stand no chance of escaping their demons, and their children stand no chance of escaping--little, innocent babies who smile playfully at me when I make a face and who have no concept of their world will grow up in a troubled environment drowned in fantastic pressures that make every step a painful one, and society will look down on this tired child as a nuisance, and when the child flies a sign on the corner of Market and High, we'll turn the other way, turn up our radio and window, and wonder why the kid with the sign can't just be like us.
Jordyn made Kevin a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich.
Adam gets his wheels.