Thursday, April 1, 2010

Child Curb count=1

We bumped into Corbin along the tracks. He was looking much better and assured us he felt so. Whilst talking to several friends in the same area, Mr. Horinger located a campsite nearby in the woods. There we found Greg who was very thankful for our accidental meeting. He pointed out a couple other sites, so we took to the van and maneuvered our way there, finding several other tents but no tenants. We left some bags of food, but first took some time to take it all in. Here, isolated by the trees, stood someone's home--all very neatly kept. Without the owner about, we felt like trespassers and left in awe for the Mayflower.

Mr. Horinger brought Allen some jeans, and Allen brought me some articles on the magnificence of cats--one of Buddhist cats in Bangkok and one on therapeutic cats in prisons--both quite powerful.

The Volleyball team's macaroni and lasagna helped feed the great numbers (Thank you). We met some new faces and let them know we'd be back next Wednesday with more conversation and food.

Did we ever get a picture of Dieglio?

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