Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Faces, Same Places

Heading out Wednesday we ran into some new faces throughout out the night. Met Don and Bill who told us a story about a guy falling down the steep bank off the railroad tracks and luckily didn't get crushed by a forklift. After visiting a vacant lot the week prior we finally met someone there and her name was Gabriella and she was 18. She was a woman of many talents… a construction worker, student, shopper, lover of hot dogs, bully and who else knows what she does. Ran into a group of people who were homeless advocates from AMHA and CSS, it was pretty awesome to run into some people out and about similar to us, pretty refreshing. They had their packs slung up and were hoofing it through the streets and forests of Akron. The emotions are still high, but it is always great to see our friends and meet new ones. Dave, …we'll work on that bike….

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