Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mama Train

The following includes excerpts from the adventuresome adventure written by tonight's scribe:

"This is Kupcake, and this is the epic story of Johnny, Scott, Chris, Marcus, and David. Accompanying these great heroes were equally great heroes, Mr. Milo and Mr. Horinger."

Our first stop by the tracks lights Akron with joy and friendship. Here, love is mutual and feelings relaxed.

"Beep, Beep, Beep"

"Soon after, the heroes reentered their noble chariot, the Chevy. The next adventure arrived soon."

We met Bill on his way for an evening stroll. We talked about the area's living arrangements over a few cups of cider.

Later, we jotted down wish lists for Mama's house...Christmas in a Christmas Basket.

"Then, Scott lost the pen, so the scribe had to write in pencil. Scott found the pen and was then an adventurer again."

We arrived late to the Mayflower and heard about it.

At St. Bernard's, the boys talked to Alan about the Browns (Kardiac Kids) and Toy Story 3 (playing Nov. 18th at the library for free!).

"So, their mission completed, our heroes returned to their respected homelands to one day return when they are again needed, each for their respective skills. One day, these heroes will reunite to again adventure together."

Finally, we know our mission is never completed so long as there are ignored souls in Akron, Ohio.

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