Thursday, February 25, 2010

809 and a backpack

Cowboy stands tall, while Dave plays tennis inside, and Manny shows brass; Ron absorbs the love; Michael Douglas shows off Poppy; we cater to Room 809; Kenny talks philosophy and takes a swig of the MAD soup; looking at the Mayflower rotary phone; Jim's feelin' great, like the life of a 24-year old; gave a call to Greg and laughed with Denny.

All with five NUBies.

--Partially extracted from the Scribe Book

Positivity and Complete Joy are strong this night, as our friend Jim returns looking like and feeling like a new man. He's born again at 50.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Instead of giving anything up for Lent, 10 of us decided to continue our nightly Wednesday tours of Akron to spend time with our brothers and sisters who are homeless.

And, we danced and sang. Mr. Horinger proved his mastery on the club floor with some fancy footwork on the ice. Milo tried to sing the words to My Drive Thru, but could only poorly whine the tune.

It was a very comfortable and joyous outing in the cold and windy streets of Akron. A good showing of students and Gabby's Lasagna only brightened the mood all the more.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

No White Gas

The van got stuck only once in the continually falling snow. By myself, I'm sure I would have been stuck indefinitely. But friendship and teamwork (and let's face it, some fine maneuverability) kept our efforts alive.

We had limited numbers and even met Mr. Horinger out a bit late. He was attending the calling hours of Hoban graduate and coach Tom Goodall.--a fantastic individual and friend of Hoban.

Let us savor our friendships together.

Hopefully through our Wednesday night witness we gain great appreciation for life, whatever that life might be.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Little Lonely

Only the men ventured out last night (Horinger, Kraus and Milo). McCafferty helped prepare the food and supplies (much thanks!), but thought it best to leave early given the expected bad weather (never came).

We took it upon ourselves to search deep into the woods, places shown to us by Dirk. We found no bodies but found plenty of shelters lining the railroad paths. Fresh footprints, but no people.

We met with our usual buddies. Michael Douglas scolded us for passing by the Mayflower--he wanted to show us his dog. Perhaps next week.

By the end of the night, we had met up with our usual pals, assisted a couple in distress whose car had run out of gas, and fed a new friend Junior--two filet o' fishes.