Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unordinary, Disorderly

Though every night is very different, there was something mega- different about March 24; however, nobody could quite place their fingers on it.

Loads of willing and giving students showed up last night to help. The kitchen was buzzing more than usual. All of this excitement transfered nicely to the streets, where the students' usual smiling and welcoming faces immediately engaged our friends.

In rare form, James belted out Brick House several times and even broke it down for a moment. Around him, the Mayflower was packed with friends waiting for our loving-caring. Our old buddy Jim unfortunately stood with a cast on his leg--he broke his foot in two places. There was plenty of conversation going on.

At St. Bernard's saw its share of unexpected drama, as Pope Gregory preached to a couple students about his particular version of love.

It was different, but fantastic still, despite the fact that the punch was weaker than a slug on a kitchen table.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day 2010

The sun shined down on our departure from Hoban and spirits were high.

Revelers partied at the Barley House while we stood outside the Mayflower. It was a fantastic revelation to witness the two different worlds--oblivious fun vs. conscious compassion.

For a moment I left the excitement of outside and walked with Michael Douglas to his room in the Mayflower to say hello to Poppy. An apartment of minimal amenities, Michael confessed that his little watch dog is nearly all that keeps him going.

With the warmer weather and lighter sky, we managed back by the tracks as we did before the winter. Here we noticed an unusual object in the distance. We inquired and found an orange traffic barrel covered in a tarp. Inside the barrel we found someone's belongings, safe from any tampering.

St. Patty's never held such meaning for us.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kraus has a mean snowball arm!

The following is the sporadic thoughts of Abbey Dankoff:

Bernie: God's with you if you're with God. Mark and the Proverbs. Mt 5:9

"We're on project hope. we're not bad." Sydney loves the tomato soup!!

"I got a stocking cap in Ireland too. You know why?"

Paula: Poltergeist + Exorcist! Look 'em up!

Michael Douglas's birthday is April 11th. We met a lot of spiritual people tonight, and they love sharing. And we love listening.