Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clear and Present Company

Perhaps it was the comforting scent of the campfire that made the atmosphere so relaxed. Or perhaps it was the Cherry 7Up. Whatever it was, it took no time for the students to assume their usually friendliness and openness with our new friends in the woods. One friend explained his conspiracy theories to some. Another expressed his joy in knowing that caring people still exist. One man, a quiet fellow, felt comfortable enough to take out his newest picture of his daughter back in Colorado--gooey on the back from the putty he used to stick it to the wall of his cell in prison. We left this party with plenty of food and made our way to an impatient Mayflower.

Dave got a bike lock for his new bike. Michael Douglas got a driver's manual for his future test. James disappeared, as did Buttons. Kenny played the name recognition game. Alan learned of how Mr. and Mrs. Milo met. Ron provided us with unusual art books, which Gabby and Paul fell in love with. Corbin got his soap and shampoo and his friend got bobby pins. Wiley received some bandaged care.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is Not a Joke

On what turned out to be a very comfort- able night weather wise we encountered a little bit of hostility. A useless argument over what I do not know...I'm not sure those arguing know either quickly escalated into what seemed to be a fight, but resolved nonetheless. It is amazing what the weather can do to your spirits. Michael Douglas was in high spirits again with plenty of his half face smiles for everyone. Ran into an old friend Gina last night and found out she is off the street and working a steady job. Her situation is why I think hope is such an important word. You never know what the night will give you but a night filled with great conversation, laughs, smiles and friendship is never unwelcome. Dave, we almost have the bike worked out...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Faces, Same Places

Heading out Wednesday we ran into some new faces throughout out the night. Met Don and Bill who told us a story about a guy falling down the steep bank off the railroad tracks and luckily didn't get crushed by a forklift. After visiting a vacant lot the week prior we finally met someone there and her name was Gabriella and she was 18. She was a woman of many talents… a construction worker, student, shopper, lover of hot dogs, bully and who else knows what she does. Ran into a group of people who were homeless advocates from AMHA and CSS, it was pretty awesome to run into some people out and about similar to us, pretty refreshing. They had their packs slung up and were hoofing it through the streets and forests of Akron. The emotions are still high, but it is always great to see our friends and meet new ones. Dave, …we'll work on that bike….

Friday, April 9, 2010

Trip 30

The more ya go out and care for people, the more ya become concerned if ya don't see 'em on a Wednesday night.

Michael Douglas didn't show the other night. I wondered, "Is he upset I didn't call him earlier in the week?"

So I called him today, Friday. In high spirits, he answered; I was relieved.

Michael told me his dog Poppy wasn't feeling well, and so he decided to sit with her Wednesday night and nurse her through the illness. Then he said, "I'm about to watch Tiger tee off. Thanks for callin'."

And that was that.

It was our Spring Break this week. But we made it out anyway. Even if we were in Savannah, GA.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Child Curb count=1

We bumped into Corbin along the tracks. He was looking much better and assured us he felt so. Whilst talking to several friends in the same area, Mr. Horinger located a campsite nearby in the woods. There we found Greg who was very thankful for our accidental meeting. He pointed out a couple other sites, so we took to the van and maneuvered our way there, finding several other tents but no tenants. We left some bags of food, but first took some time to take it all in. Here, isolated by the trees, stood someone's home--all very neatly kept. Without the owner about, we felt like trespassers and left in awe for the Mayflower.

Mr. Horinger brought Allen some jeans, and Allen brought me some articles on the magnificence of cats--one of Buddhist cats in Bangkok and one on therapeutic cats in prisons--both quite powerful.

The Volleyball team's macaroni and lasagna helped feed the great numbers (Thank you). We met some new faces and let them know we'd be back next Wednesday with more conversation and food.

Did we ever get a picture of Dieglio?