Thursday, May 27, 2010

Philanthropic Physics

Mr. Bryant's AP Physics class joined us. The Phantastic Phour efficiently packed the van with pizza, egg rolls, chips, cookies, graham crackers, pb and j, and a load of bagels.

Inspired by what looked like a summer party, we stopped ahead of schedule at Mama's. We broke out the dogs and pasta salad and served it up. We met Macho Camacho who, like most people, liked Mr. Horinger's hat.

We found Bill readying himself and his campsite for the Celtics/ Magic game. It looked very relaxing.

Wiley tried desperately to fix his bike, pieces of bike and instructional texts scattered. He told us about red jeeps and we told him we'd get him another bike in the meantime.

Tava prayed with the Physics Phriends with the hope to get her through her drug and alcohol counseling.

We ran out of pb and j but had plenty of bagels and shaving cream.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Entire Year

Last night was Project HOPE's last go for the school year (not including next week's outing during exam week). We've had a fantastic and successful year. Nobody knew back in September where all this was headed, but the students stuck with it (even during the frozen winter) and made Project HOPE one of Hoban's newest traditions. We built great relationships and saw a lot we never could have imagined. All who have participated have been changed in some way for the better.

We'll continue going out with the students during the summer. So stay tuned for more Wednesday night news during summer break.

If you're interested in getting involved, please contact Mr. Horinger or Mr. Milo, or

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Sometimes the night feels like a blur--not visually, but mentally. It's hard to process some of what we see and hear. It's all quite complicated. This is one reason I have to hand it to the kids who come out and keep coming out.

We fit a lot into a short few hours. We see people living in tents under the rain. We see people who have all sorts of physical difficulties living minimally. We see people walking the streets who are just looking for a positive destination but can't find it. We meet droves at the Mayflower who rely on a bunch of kids for help. We meet old friends and we miss others.

We did witness a bright spot Tuesday at Project Homeless Connect. Dozens upon dozens of organizations provided free services to our more needy Akronites. Everything from eye car, to legal advice to manicures was there. It was great to see so many people caring.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Washcloth or CheezWiz

A fantastic cool breeze kept the evening pleasant, while a large crowd of Hopesters made their way around Akron, spreading joy.

We met our old friend Jim at the gas station and he asked us to stop by the house where he's staying. We later followed through and met Mama and her family. It was a friendly gathering.

Danny initiated our newbies with his theatrics, and Julia turned 17 this time around.

James wore his Madonna headset and grinded a little bump.

Greg and Washy planned a bank heist (joke) before rappin' out a goodbye.

If anybody knows of a decent vehicle for $3500, give us a holla.