Thursday, June 24, 2010

Humanity 1, Algeria 0

Short on food, we made a request for some contributions, and we received a wave of generosity. The kids and faculty came through for us and provided a gastronomically fulfilling night for our friends.

Even kids who couldn't make it sent food. Kids who could make it prepared meals fit for kings and queens.

The world is not made easy for our friends on the streets and in the woods. Hurdles and walls inhibit many paths leading up and out. However, the kids who joyfully participate in Project HOPE bring brief detours that ease some of the complications our friends experience.

Nicely done kids.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Italian Subs, Pasta and Fruit

A beautiful outing. The calm breeze painted the evening delicately, making it hard to ever call it a night. We stood at Grace Park armed with perfectly prepared sandwiches wrapped in smiles. The Bells rang loudly and we smiled more. No Bears in these woods, only pleasantries . A dollar later we were gone.

Irish Springs dial up answering machines filled with disappointment. Akron dogs serve comforting distractions; Akron high schoolers serve PB&J without napkins. 3 days at the library and 4 books later serve headaches of air conditioning.

Secluded wood; a cracked spoke. Blackened body parts, and an $8 raise. Blackberries seeing double. Satisfying pasta salad. Is that natural?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bear's Bagels

Bear sat upright this time, giggling and smiling about last week. All had a good laugh.

Pizza, chicken, bagels, pb & j...whatever it was, it went. The flock was out last night, and the HOPEsters embraced them all.

Milo's farm population of hogs, goats and ligers; Kelly's dislike of animals; Paul's jelly donuts; the K twins and Jenna, like the Andrew sisters from the back of the van; Horinger's ill candy-stomach. It all made for an interesting night.

Many got shoes on this night. A big box full went out with us, and few shoes came back. If anybody has anymore shoes or socks, feel free to donate them.

For additional interesting reading, check out this article in the New York Times.

The Summer of '10

June 2 was Project HOPE's first adventure during the summer break, and plenty of kids came out to help.

We split into teams early on in order to attend to more people. Horinger took a crew to Wiley's site, while Milo took a crew to Bill's. The only thing that linked the two teams (other than love, of course) was the attempt to shake the lock combination from Marcus--no luck.

Then it was off to Mama's haircut and Macho's new shoes. Jim's mom was back in the hospital, and we met Pierced Drew. Dee was present with his usual strong presence. Chicken and an elaborate Mac 'n' Cheese was on the menu.

We managed the 'Flower in good time, where some of us learned the Cha Cha Slide.

To St. Bernard's and a friendly meeting with the newly arrived Perch--different look, same Perch. Bear too was back, though not all the way.