Thursday, April 14, 2011

"I Ain't Got No Lighter?"

For most it's no lighter, no problem. This theme was foreign to Perch. Yet, under a bridge or lurking in the trees you would have a different perspective, too. The theme, just like Mr. Lucas demonstrated by gripping his drivers wheel, was territorial. Or protective. In other words, these two men looked after their possessions more closely than most. They had a stronger appreciation for their belongings, minor or valuable. So, with that thought, when Mr. Horinger and Mr. Milo announced to Perch that he would be separated from his only lighter he gave a disgruntled face. Separation meant the possibility of the item being lost. This item happened to be his lighter. Why is that a big deal? Well, when you have next to nothing, add the inclination of appreciation with the fear of losing anything else, why wouldn't it be a big deal? You would have to produce a well pondered argument, but I would bet against the desire to prove it worthy of a lesser deal to a guy like Perch. Just witnessing his struggle causes a person to reflect. It causes you to realize how much you have, even if you think that amount is minimal. It causes you to be grateful for the love and support that comes along with being apart of Hoban. It inspires a thank you to guys like Perch and Mr. Lucas instead of vice versa. The feeling is difficult to describe, but very welcomed.

Part 2 of Alan Schumacher's HOPE Chronicles.

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