Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mozart Needs A Walk

On our first adventure, we collide with Mr. Lucas and his two dogs; Mozart and Spanky. Man's friendliest two companions are the only company to tag along with Mr. Lucas on his interesting journey. I didn't say a word to him and I could feel the need for a more variety of visitors to interact with vibrating off of his skin. I just observed. The line is very thin. Understandably, with experience in divorce, Mr. Lucas seemed unable to really trust anyone at this time. Anything to get a dime though. Nonetheless everyone needs some affection which his desire didn't lack. What was undesirable were his daily routines which were elevated simply by my presence. All I had to do was stand there. Imagine having nothing but a broken down RV and two fury creatures to interact with. Imagine that being one of your present classmates down the road having nothing. It's a piercing feeling. A moment of miniature enlightenment. Mr. Lucas was guarding enough to stay in his RV, but gracefully took the snacks we prepared. This along with his desire to be shown affection created an unnecessary contradiction in this man's life. It was just so unfortunate. It warmed the insides. Compelled me to go out there and help others in his similar situation, as well. A call for help I didn't dial wanted to be answered.

Part 1 of Alan Schumacher's HOPE Chronicles.

Also, take some time to read about Jeffrey Heller's work helping refugees win asylum in the United States.

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