Thursday, May 12, 2011

Back Sweat Neck Tatt

From Ellen's Pen:

We met Bill on his yellow 12 speed bike and he is saying it is killing him, he says he is used to an 18 speed and his sister gave him this one after his Ford bike was stolen at BK when he went in to get a cup of coffee and some lunch. Later, someone found his Ford emblem but not his bike. His previous bike was decorated with a speedometer and lights and he bought another one, but later went back to his trusty Ford bike. He also said he's frightened of heights when he fell off a ladder into sand and a guy said, "Are you okay?" and he replied, "I just got here."

Jake said he wants to try it so Bill says. "I'll take you to a high level bridge and get a bungee chord and push you over. he also said he's been over waterfalls in a barrel or canoe and likes bike races.

Mr Horinger starts walking down into the woods looking for more people and Alex and Tejas go down after him. Then they come up and Mr. Horinger twists around too much and falls flat on his back on the ground and Mr. Milo says, "We should eat him, " and Bill says, "We should fry him and cook him..."

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