Saturday, May 7, 2011

South and Grant

Part 2 of another series by Alan Schumacher

The corner of a bp station was the location. This was an unintentional second stop. Random and brief, we met Randy. Well, life can't always be planned and impacts can happen in the blink of an eye. Mr. Milo's spotting of this haggard gentleman aroused the good intention. Parked in the station, Mr. Milo introduced himself as the two met behind our van. I happened to be sitting in the back. As the latch was opened I was able to introduce myself. Cookies, chips, and a bare bagel was our gesture. Lucky to find a cheap paint job or two, homeless, Randy was thankful. The feeling of guilt emerges, as it should with others, because I know I've let dates expire on these small snacks in the past. Randy proceeded to say, "Ain't nobody messier than me." It was spoken in a tone of hidden sorrow with a faint laugh to follow. He must of felt unique by his personality, by his appearance. The personality of a hungry human as he graciously started to devour the bare bagel. It's not abnormal wanting to eat when hunger rustles the stomach. Uncertainty filled the thought of next meal, as well, leaving no fill. It's not abnormal wanting to eat when hunger rustles the stomach. The appearance of someone handling personal hard time, sound unfamiliar? We all have our individual downs. Unlike Randy felt, not involved in a phase pointed up, more people should know there are bigger messes out there. We didn't get any gas, but fueled someone's evening. Homeless people are among us, poverty exists. Help clean the "mess." If more people recognized this and were compelled to assist, that would be unique.

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