Friday, May 6, 2011

"Spanky, get over here."

Part 1 of another series by Alan Schumacher

The stationary RV could be passed as a tailgate vehicle for the Cleveland Browns. It was the home of Mr. Lucas, instead. Mozart and Spanky are his company. Both smaller sized dogs, of the same breed, with a white coat. No longer fury creatures, they were sporting new haircuts. The two pets are synonymous to the volleyball in Cast Away, the movie, but with four legs and very real. If Cast Away hasn't crossed your theater, Wilson, the volleyball, is Tom Hanks best friend. Fellowship is the theme. "As long as I'm here...As long as their here." Mr. Lucas affectionately sighed these words explaining the aided survival of the three involved in an overlooked lifestyle. A bond bringing love to the eyes. Yeah, even a person society deeming unequal visibly feeling this emotion for his companions. Strange? No, more along normal lines. Strange is the view that this man is different than those comfortably living. I'm talking about in the human sense. Mr. Lucas "saved up" to provide a haircut to his best friends. That's no stress for the comfortably living and a project for this man. The act shows he cares for them. People's superiority overriding their beat, more sound coming from the smaller voices. False generalizations among our population thrown at an innocent catcher. This judgmental fastball is pitched with the heat of ignorance. I was struck by a curve ball that spins equality into my head. Doubters become witnessed as the "unintelligent" provided a lesson. Thanks Mr. Lucas.

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