Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Y'all in college?"

Part 3 of another series by Alan Schumacher

On Power Street, a section of newer apartments was built for Akron U. I usually drive through the area on Brown en route to school, behind the common view. In the shadows is a structure built of lesser value. The home of Devin. Third stop, for me. He possessed a genuine smile with a nervous glare simultaneously racing in excitement. Rachel, John, and myself were the only ones to visit. While delivering a Project Hope concoction we learned that Devin was eighteen, a junior at Garfield, and played football. He asked if we were in college, not thinking we could possibly be in the same grade. Not sure if it was our gestures, tone, appearance, or posture. I was humbled, though, by his instant respect society certainly isn't so quick to present. We were supposed to look down on Devin. Oh, he came from worse conditions and went to a less competitive school so we were above him. Well, everyone should stop hanging onto image, onto materials. Devin couldn't help how he grew up or where he lived, just like any teenager. Arrogance didn't corrupt our nerves. Told him, to his surprise, that we were juniors, too. We just had the fortune to come from a different setting, to attend a more competitive school. He acknowledged that he knew some students at Hoban, even related to one. The reality is that Devin is our peer. We are all taking a journey, seeking happiness, just granted different roads to begin our travel. My gratitude should be above average, but I wasn't above Devin. Both human, the factors in the equation being the difference nobody controls. Society shouldn't jump to conclusions, but make more solutions to aid the less fortunate.

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