Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Watch for moving traffic

First, there's no need to drive around a stopped car to race across the train tracks. Just sayin'.

We yelled out and then caught up to Dean who was walking the tracks back to his campsite. After his wife kicked him out, he walked to his uncle's, but there was no room. That's left him in the woods and short stints in jail. There's a growth behind his eye, but he brushes it off as if it's nothing more than a mole.

We stopped by Bronco's where we met a lively Dirk who excitedly showed us his ever-increasing number of tattoos, including the Gaelic design on his calf. We joked about his comment about the picture of Mr. Horinger on the tracks.

Also present was Robbie, an '83 graduate of Hoban. He told us to keep on the path we're on and told me to stick to studying so I get into a good college--I needed his advice 19 years ago.

Oh, and "if ya don't feel gorgeous, you don't look gorgeous."

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