Thursday, July 7, 2011

Purple Gloves

Armed with purple gloves, the HOPEsters prepared better than usual peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not much more needs said* about this night, but I'll provide a few snippets...

Ray informed us that their campsite was ransacked. All the electronics were stolen. Word spreads quickly through the woods, as Perch and the boys had already been alerted to the deviance and the possible culprit.

We met Lucky the dog back in the woods. Mark saved him from a bad neighborhood and left him in the care of Perch and Bob. Lucky seemed quite happy to have a new home and he joyfully walked back with us to the van.

At Mama's we sang Happy Birthday to her grandson. Now he's a teenager! We also met Howard Carter who knew Mr. Anderson through Civil War reenactments. Interestingly enough, Howard just so happened to have some photos of himself with Mr. Anderson dressed in full Union gear.

*it is common Midwest lexicon to drop the "to be" from phrases like "needs said" or "needs washed"

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