Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spark Plug's Opus

Edited excerpt from Spark Plug's pencil:

"Mr. Horinger said, 'Don't go on relation- ships with these guys, or ask to dances because they won't follow through,' and then he stopped and said, 'Wait, now they are starting to be like mini(enter desired name)s.' Then Mr. Milo told Rachel to come by his room before 7:00am and (enter desired name) will be there so she can meet (enter desired name) and have champagne and cheese, and Mr. Horinger also said, 'Do you like to cook?' and she said, "Yes." Then, Mr. Horinger said, "Perfect. (enter desired name) likes to eat."

On a more serious note (sort of):

"We stopped in the alleyway in the parking deck where we saw Michael, Alan and Evelyn and Gertrude. Evelyn went up to Mr. Horinger dancing on the van and started dancing with him. Then Mr. Milo interrupted her and asked her to open a plastic bag and said, 'It takes skill,' and then she rejoined dancing with Mr. Horinger."

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