Thursday, September 29, 2011

What city are we in?

With the help of 2 welcome guests we set out on a night a little different in a good way.

With friends Katie and Chris who were documenting for the Eutopia Report we set out like we do Wednesday night.

Here are some of the details...

3 vets, 1 rook
Kevin would rather "live in the bible than in the bottle" - words to not take lightly
He works for a Brubaker
Jimmy has a mean head of "teased" hair
Lindsay and John are brother and sister
Ace always has something to say
Kevin lost his glasses
Perch is not so well and in the hospital (fell and cracked his head)
Monty spells his name with a y
Lindsay and Alex take dance lessons in alleys
Jim Bronco got a good night sleep for the first time since he was a teenager
Even visitors to Akron know where the Art Museum is at
Don't trip over signage and break expensive camera equipment

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