Thursday, November 3, 2011


Project H.O.P.E. went inter- national last night to celebrate birthdays.
Jim celebrates his birthday Thursday, Nov 3 and Kevin celebrating his the Monday after.
This Weds night was an unseasonably warm November night, and they are always welcome with us. A lot of comings and goings of some friends we haven't had too much contact with lately. We saw Reggie for the first time in a while, as well as Kevin (the other Kevin). A lot to think about and be thankful for by the end of the night. A quick recovery goes out to Jim Bronco in hopes his foot heals up quick. Kevin gets to spend some time with his daughter during his birthday weekend. CJ and Kevin still holding down some temp jobs but the struggle remains. They have to wake up at 2:30am to get moving for the day. We have a lot to be thankful for as the holiday season approaches. Keep The Wednesday before Thanksgiving open in your calendars. A project H.O.P.E. Thanksgiving is coming to Akron!

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