Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Snow

Lesson #1 – Do not flick off a cop while j-walking across the street.

Lesson #2 – Once you go to jail you know who’s your buddy and who’s your pal.

A sampling of some of the talk going on at different times during the night. There is always a constant reminder that some of our friends we have come to know and love are coming from different walks of life. A life many of us will never know or understand. We continue to try and offer an ear to listen and be someone they are able to vent some frustration, or to simply just talk. We don’t know what to expect going out Wednesday night but we do know it is life without safety guards or censorship.

Mama’s birthday is coming up soon on April 13th and Mick is celebrating his on April 9th

Thursday, March 24, 2011


It finally seems Max is warming up to some people as time goes on. He still carries a fierce bark though…buyer beware.

Been impressed with the superb string of entries into the book the last few weeks and tonight is no different.

Conversations were all over the place tonight with thoughts of Alaska and the great outdoors, the true meaning behind the Wizard of Oz, acquaintances and teachers from high school, and Tom of course with his preoccupation with cows and their udders.

In the words of Braden, “He spoke the truth. Overall it was a great night. I met a lot of amazing people…St. Bernard’s was a great experience. I’m very happy with my decision about going.”

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Married Today, Jail Tomorrow

It's a different world. One we can't understand. Different realities and norms exist in this world. A different equation of cause and effect. A heightened state of awareness; senses on guard. We might see this world as warped or wrong, when really it's just as real as our own. In this world, we are ignorant and useless creatures to be left behind; a Social Darwinian treasure.

From the outside, we look at this world and scoff. We dismiss the people inside as we shake our head and roll our eyes in arrogant superiority. We treat it as television fiction, rooting and booing. But this world is real, and we don't understand it.

Enter it for a moment. Take a bite. See how it tastes. How will you react after you touch it? Until then, smother your judgments and embrace humility.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homes for the Homeless?

Project HOPE focuses on establishing bonds between the Hoban students and our friends on the streets. We strive to bring joy and understanding during the few hours we spend in downtown Akron on Wednesday nights. At the same time, we've gone beyond Wednesday and have met up with our friends on other days for other events or help.

We've encountered several people over the last couple of years who made their way off the streets and into apartments or houses. Services do exist, but is there a program that's better than others?

Building housing for the homeless. Is this an answer? Common Ground in New York City has recently taken on that challenge. See the building of the Hegeman. Hear a related story about housing the homeless in San Diego.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Nailed it with the first try. Reedy appeared at his second story window, alerted to our presence thanks to a luckily thrown pebble. He welcomed us in and gave us the grand tour of his apartment. Thanks to the VA, Reedy escaped the cold of living in a tent this winter.

He showed us a picture of he and Perch sitting outside their tent by the tracks, a reminder of his days living homeless.

We snapped a picture, and he asked if there was anything we could do to help him spice up the joint. One might mistake Reedy as a committed believer of Feng Shui, but the easy mobility throughout his apartment is really due to the fact that he has no furniture, save a chair and television.

If anybody has or knows of a table, chair, couch, or bed of any size that needs a home, Reedy would much appreciate it.