Thursday, August 25, 2011

'Coons Keep Out!

The complexity of each night is an uneasy wonder. We have friends in many conditions and needs. Some battle the hunger and annoyance of feisty raccoons in the woods. Some battle the intentionally turned heads of passersby too disgusted to help. Some live in a house, yet battle their own brains. Some live in doorways, always in search of more blankets. Some call us for help and others are more recluse. Some are joyous, dancing down the street. Some are bitter, struggling with persistent evils. There's no single greeting and there's no blanket phrase of comfort. This is the light and dark of Project HOPE.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank God for Grace Park

We had some lovely donations tonight. Mrs. Lovell helped us some as well as the lunch ladies. Help like this keeps the HOPEsters going strong. We are few tonight, but school is about to start, so some helpful hands are staying home, trying to wring out the last few droplets of summer.

Thanks to Mrs. Braman, we delivered a sleeping bag to Gertrude so that she could get it to Bear. His trash bags of blankets were stolen from his stoop next door to St. Bernard's.

The boys at Grace Park joked with us and we enjoyed their company. It was a great, relaxed way to end the night.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Puny Little Troll

Met Monty Conty the Browns Fan outside the Akron Art Museum.

We u-turned our way to catch up with a passing James the Clock. He was finishing a thousand calorie burrito, and was considering whether or not to sit down for a while.

We were flagged down by Butch as we passed Grace Park, so we stopped, and the light hearted Butch kept calling out that he needed food because the rapture might come at any time. His mood soon changed.

Jimmy gave Milo the business at Mamma's, and Mickey did as well.

We got stopped on Main and pulled up to Cascade and Tammy explained about good and bad Catholics. We luckily fit in the former category.

Allen and Milo had the same paper to show each other.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"BBQin" on High Street

We caught sight of Tony walking along South Street. His state was un- fortunate, but I think we pulled through for him.

Soon after we found Gina and Bear along the tracks by the transit station. They seemed in good spirits, although Bear was suddenly bald. Bear assured us that St. Bernard's posted fliers that our location changed.

We found a new tent in the woods, but no residents. Perch was out of place and Ray seemed a little bitter.

Bill spoke highly of his Cindy and challenged all of us to cycling competitions.

We watched Bug lick Mittens clean, leaving her looking like she laid out during a thunderstorm.

We moved our operation from St. Bernard's to Cascade Plaza. Not too many friends showed, so we're thinking of moving our operation to Grace Park.