Thursday, September 29, 2011

What city are we in?

With the help of 2 welcome guests we set out on a night a little different in a good way.

With friends Katie and Chris who were documenting for the Eutopia Report we set out like we do Wednesday night.

Here are some of the details...

3 vets, 1 rook
Kevin would rather "live in the bible than in the bottle" - words to not take lightly
He works for a Brubaker
Jimmy has a mean head of "teased" hair
Lindsay and John are brother and sister
Ace always has something to say
Kevin lost his glasses
Perch is not so well and in the hospital (fell and cracked his head)
Monty spells his name with a y
Lindsay and Alex take dance lessons in alleys
Jim Bronco got a good night sleep for the first time since he was a teenager
Even visitors to Akron know where the Art Museum is at
Don't trip over signage and break expensive camera equipment

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doodely Doo

A full crew of HOPEsters embraced the night and embraced our friends with smiles and positivity.

We located yet another tent city in another secluded natural setting. There we met Suni. Originally from Thailand, Suni has called the U.S. home for decades and currently lives hidden away, nearly forgotten.

If anybody needs to know how to get to the Polsky Building, there are people standing outside its walls who can tell you.

Question: Ever seen 3 grown men sitting comfortably in a living room watching Four Weddings and a Funeral?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

All growns up

Last night marked our 2 year anniver- sary. Two years ago, the crew of pioneers ventured out, clueless about what to expect. After some adventuresome driving near the railroad tracks, we met Perez, sitting comfy with his sleeping bag. We spent a long time with Perez, talking about some of his difficulties, but mainly he inspired us with his positive talk.

A year later, we found ourselves along the same tracks. A figure appeared from under the over-pass. Perez once again! We hadn't seen him for a year, and he appeared to us on our 1st anniversary. Again, we enjoyed a friendly talk.

Last night, without a thought about Perez in our minds, we traveled the same tracks. A crouched figure came into view. Could it be? Was it him! Nah, it couldn't. But, alas, it was. Another anniversary, another couple of minutes with our friend Perez.

Speechless? Flabbergasted? Nah, more like just plain happy.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sent from my iPad

An early start allowed us to venture to some different spots downtown we have not been to in a while but we didn't find anyone home. On our way out we ran into Flynn and had some good conversation and found out some good news he was heading out to Bath to get a place finally. We hope it works out.

After the time with Perch and Flynn the rest of the night flew by. An absolute blur. We seemed to fit everywhere else in 45 minutes.

A good crew of students with a little last minute shuffling around but a much better presence than the week before. 2 new faces and some regulars.

Stay tuned to the same channel.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spark Plug's Opus

Edited excerpt from Spark Plug's pencil:

"Mr. Horinger said, 'Don't go on relation- ships with these guys, or ask to dances because they won't follow through,' and then he stopped and said, 'Wait, now they are starting to be like mini(enter desired name)s.' Then Mr. Milo told Rachel to come by his room before 7:00am and (enter desired name) will be there so she can meet (enter desired name) and have champagne and cheese, and Mr. Horinger also said, 'Do you like to cook?' and she said, "Yes." Then, Mr. Horinger said, "Perfect. (enter desired name) likes to eat."

On a more serious note (sort of):

"We stopped in the alleyway in the parking deck where we saw Michael, Alan and Evelyn and Gertrude. Evelyn went up to Mr. Horinger dancing on the van and started dancing with him. Then Mr. Milo interrupted her and asked her to open a plastic bag and said, 'It takes skill,' and then she rejoined dancing with Mr. Horinger."