Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hard Love

Armed with a large sausage link, we first traveled to Jimmy's to deliver it. Dirk sat comfortable in the living room, wishing for high speed Internet. He told us about how he enjoys hanging out with elfish people.

John assured me that he stands at a distance, not because he doesn't appreciate what we do, but he doesn't care much for crowds. I guess there's more space in Texas.

Tired, we set a course for home, but we were awoken by a woman running from her house, waving her arm for attention. We stopped and she asked if we had any food left. We were limited by this point, but we did have plenty of toiletries and socks. Sherry informed us that she has her grandchildren to take care of, but she doesn't have much for them. What we were able to offer put a smile on her face. We hoped it helped the Holiday season just a bit.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tough Words

We're heard the story before. He had work that paid well, a con- struction job, under-the-table type stuff. He lived so comfortably that he bought a house. Well, like so many others, the economy swept John with it. He doesn't often fly a sign, but he had no other choice on this evening. However, the cop told him to pack it up, picketing curfew, 6PM.

With the Christmas season upon us, let's make a cognitive effort to take a few more steps toward bringing peace into someone's life.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Takes on Hope

The All-Man Crew manly drove from location to location, spreading their strength of hope and joy.

Perch enlightened the men with his stories of his tumultuous three years.

Unfortunately, Dean was also present under the Blue Bridge. Dean had been living in an apartment for several months, but he now finds himself back in the woods with his friend Joe. We handed the newly homeless a blanket and some sweatshirts.

I think the population of people seeking our assistance and smiles behind High Street Christian Church was close to 30, breaking any records I know of.

Ace triggered George, who blasted into a rant against swearing and how dirty the world is. In the past, George has always been very quiet and distant, but last night, he engaged the Hoban men and offered some keen observations about the world. He smiled (first time I've ever seen that), and said, "This is a good group of guys." I nearly dropped, stunned by his sudden positivity. We shook hands and the All-Man Crew headed back home, successful in their good tidings.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Umm, let's see, can't remember where we went initially. But, uh, we went back into the woods, and met Joe, but couldn't fine many cuz it was so cold.

Wait, first we went to the Dollar General, and we went to that place with the 7Up and Jimmy was there. We had stromboli, it was really good. That place by the womb.

And anyways, I have to go to class, we went to that place by the parking deck. We met Fat Boy, he does the tatoos, his name is Fat Boy, it was pretty cool, he showed us this gauge...

Mr. Milo attempting to type the comments of Julianna.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time is Money

Have you ever thought about living without the luxury of a car? Without the luxury of going where you want when you want, taking the route you want? Without being able to race just a little over the speed limit in order to get to Cleveland more quickly? Without have to make extra stops in order to pick up other passengers?

When Jimmy goes to his doctor appointments in Cleveland, he needs to catch the bus in Akron at 6:45AM in order to make it to the Brecksville connection in time. After two hours of traveling, he eventually makes it to his appointment a little early. The end of his 30 minute examination leaves him stranded, waiting in the cold for a bus to take him back to Brecksville. In the end, he arrives back home to his two cats a little before 4PM. A day gone by without work, without money.

What would it take to organize or build a more efficient and complete form of public transportation?