Thursday, February 16, 2012

Backflips and Barefeet

Forgot the Visors for Mr. Lucas tonight so had to double back to deliver them. We were lucky the weather held off like it has done so many times this "winter" season. Saw many of the regular faces with the likes of Al, Gertrude, Reggie, Mark, Dean, Charles, Jimmy, Mr. Lucas and Bill to name a few. Came across a new group of young guys who were holding an impromptu circus outside of Trinity Lutheran. Once we got a chance to meet some of the guys in between their trapeze acts found out one of them named John was originally from Miami, FL and moved to Akron to be with his two children. An unfortunate stint with the law for 36 months he is trying to get back on his feet and off the streets.

Last week Milo was out of touch with P. HOPE. Instead, he walked the streets of D.C., where reminders of America's homeless sit on every corner.

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