Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our schedule 2-8-12

Mr. Lucas 6:39 to 6:59
John Reedy 7:09 to 7:22
Mikey D 7:34 to 7:41
Blue Bridge 7:48 to 8:20 & 8:21 to 8:35
High St. Alley 8:42 to 8:58
Grace Park 9:02 to 9:17
Momma 9:18 to 9:30

We spend only a few hours a week hanging out with some of our friends, and we're beginning to realize how few of our friends we see on a weekly basis. Though, the above schedule seems full, it manages to hit only a tiny minority of the many locations and people we could be seeing. For instance, no where in the above is our South Street route, along the tracks or Furnace Street.

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