Thursday, March 8, 2012

3 Bikers

Given some quick early stops, we reached the Blue Bridge early and met up with David and Carl--a couple of friends I hadn't met before.

Carl talked about losing his unemployment benefits back in November, which eventually landed him in the Haven. Now he's been in the woods for a couple of weeks.

The two tried to convince the kids to stay in school and not get into trouble. They both related excerpts of their lives. They both claimed to "have it all" at one point, but drinking, drugs and infidelity left them stranded with nowhere to go. Carl spent seven months in the penitentiary back in the 80s. He described it as 7 Months of Hell.

Many of our friends moved a little farther down the tracks to avoid being ousted by the Akron authorities. Apparently, there had been an argument between one of their friends and a CSX representative, and when that happens, it becomes a Federal affair--not good.

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