Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Purse

Waiting outside Jimmy's, a couple of friendly faces ap- proached. Clint rode a Mongoose and didn't care for any food--he didn't want to take any food from the homeless, he said--but he was interested in a couple of pillows. After a few years of struggle that included losing his mother and falling into a world clouded by immorality, he's finally on a positive road with steady work.

Bob talked about roofing some buildings at KSU, and told stories of his decades of roofing and how his shoulders and knees ache from the work.

Carl used his nunchucks once to help a girl who had a demon following her. Unfortunately, one of us thought he used a Wii to defeat his foe.

We found that our buddy Perch is recovering at the hospital after an ugly turn of events. Please think happy thoughts for him.

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