Thursday, March 22, 2012

Washclothes on the Chest

Special stop on Allyn St. to meet the benevolent Aunt Sherry. She opens her property to the homeless who pitch tents in her yard or make the her front porch home. In 2002, a dear friend of hers was left out in the winter cold--he died uselessly, homeless. Sherry dedicates herself to efforts to stop such pointlessness.

He's a large man. His hand engulfed mine when we shook. Last week he lived in one world, but this week he lives in another, a gloomier more complex world. Keith lost his son and job almost like a flash of light, and that light has left him disoriented and confused. His feelings poured onto the concrete with bitter reality. Though battered, Keith recognized the power and energy of the students' visit. We joined hands in hope.

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