Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bologna on the Ceiling

Allie was faced with an early Kant-test before testing the gripping effects of bologna.

Met Ken for the first time. He's struggled over the decades, nearly suffocating after falling into a darkness of substance abuse and crime. He said things are a little better now, but confessed that the darkness still consumes him at times. Together, we tried to convince A. J. that his aunt is his mother's sister-in-law. A. J. could not be convinced; however, he did help Ken stuff a new blanket into a new duffle bag.

It's nice to hear some of friends talk about jobs. Painting, roofing, insulating--as North East Ohio warms, construction projects are on the rise.

Annie of CSS (and Hoban grad) joined us on this night. We exchanged similar stories as we bumped into mutual friends.

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