Thursday, April 12, 2012


A group of Hoban students spent the first half of their Spring Break with Mr. Horinger on the streets of Akron during Hoban's Urban Plunge. The crew dished food at pantries, made beds at the Haven, moved around town using their feet and the Metro, hung at the downtown library, lunched with some of our P. HOPE friends, and had a number of other enlightening experiences. On the last day, the crew lead us on Project HOPE. All the students wished the plunge had lasted longer.

During our outing we visited our friend Perch who had been sick and is now recovering and looking good. His illness put a scare in us all.

Stacy made her way a little late to the alley, but a big smile shined on her face and she giggled with optimism.

Mama's birthday is Friday. 58 years.

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