Thursday, April 19, 2012

What does he have against side burns?

What's the difference between us and them? Most of us have support structures to catch us when we fall.

We saw Manny for the first time in a long while. His animated rush of topic-jumping kept us entertained during our visit. Bikes, slum lords, rigatoni, Donald Trump, the best thing in life, financial literacy--Manny topics.

Talked with Mark for a long while. He attended Hudson High School and liked Math (blah.). He ended up working in antics near summit lake, where he said he could still find some relics of Summit Lake Amusement Park. Most recently, he found a century-old bottle of Coke.

Met Harley Charley and Brian. Charley got into a motorcycle accident in 2003, which put him in a wheel chair and ended his days as a roofer. Brian helps scoot Charley around.

Don't forget, Project Homeless Connect is May 8.

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