Thursday, May 17, 2012


Tommy and his wisdom.

Tommy took his groovy pants for a walk. Long beard, doo rag and a low key wisdom of 75 years. "Where do ya live?" "Wherever you find me, that's where I'll be." Three past wives and early years cramped in the West Virginia coal mines. He's out for a walk, waiting for a delayed check to arrive so he can buy a car, tune it up, and drive it to Florida.

Dawna's planning on heading to Reno on the 23rd to help her daughter get clean. She's openly nervous and we said a few words to help get her the strength.

Bear claims tiny Evelyn can squeeze you like a boa constrictor. He latched onto this story like a boy on a Times magazine cover. By the end, Bear had Evelyn squeezing everybody into a gasping plea for help.

Reuben works late, so the Haven let's him in past "lights out."

Marcus, John and Janet Rhodes
Earlier in the week, Hoban students ran a Fair Trade Sale. Included at the event were Market Path, Ten Thousand Villages, IRTF, and Janet Rhodes.

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