Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Solstice

Beth and Mitchell
Excerpts from the scribe book by Mitchell Mahone (with some gram- matical input by some guy)

"So, today, which is a Wednesday, @pmahonnn, @Mr_Greg_Milo, and me @MitchLM96 are the only ones brave enough to venture out into Akron in search of those in need.

"Our first encounter was with Ron L. We then stopped to take a picture (seen here) at Blue Ribbon Laundromat. Our next stop was Mr. Lucas, who is now a proud grandfather. "

Biblical Cigarettes

Requests from the alley:  "Cherry Blossom Body Soap, spray, and lotion."

"We watched the solstice sunset when we left Grace Park and we met (Greg) who won out when we gave the last of our food away; although, we gave Alan's PB&J's away. "

"Jimmy told us his plans to go back to school."

"But to conclude...all I can say is that it was amazing."

Special thanks to Beth of Project RISE for her expert bologna sandwich making--definitely a necessary and appreciated help!

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