Thursday, June 28, 2012

Object Permanence, it's real!

Surgery on a grease pit.
Like cleaning out a clogged grease pit, Project HOPE can be a dirty, yet fulfilling process.

Tonight saw the pairing of Horinger and Milo for the first time in a month, and like a Kiss reunion tour, they didn't miss a beat.

We met Heather-Something, and she was all smiles and quite pleasant with the students, happy to have some company.

One thing we're not big fans of is someone's inability to have concern for others. We witnessed some mindsets that seemed stunted with object permanence, and this is one thing we try to drive home to the students. We have to make ourselves aware of others before we can realize they're exist and try to help them. The more we stay ignorant of others, the more we'll just ignore them and go on our merry way.

Alan showed me a cartoon of a dog on trial with a jury full of cats. I kind of laughed, but then I realized I have court duty next week, and then my stomach sank like the anniversary of the Titanic.

By the way, we totally John 6:1-15'ed that food.

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