Thursday, July 5, 2012


With the help of Layla and Finnegan, a thumbless handful of HOPE'sters prepared the fixings for this 4th of July.

We ventured out early and met Scott at High and Market, whose sign promoted his want and abilities in cooking and cleaning. Scott also made a cameo in Bob Dyer's article that Mr. Lucas shared with us.

Dyer wrote, "You can’t tell whether panhandlers are legit just by looking." Very true. You also can't tell if a movie is going be any good by just watching the trailer over and over. So, if you're going to use your notoriety, expertise, and influence to inform the public on a particular subject, then get to learn the subject first. Go beyond "just looking" and get to know some of the guys and gals who are flyin' a sign. If you need any help here, Mr. Dyer, please contact me. I'll be more than happy to walk the streets with you, introducing you to people or getting to know people.

By the way, there are two VA rep's in Summit County to help the many vets in the county, some of whom are making their way nicely and some of whom have no idea of the benefits awaiting them.

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