Thursday, June 28, 2012

Object Permanence, it's real!

Surgery on a grease pit.
Like cleaning out a clogged grease pit, Project HOPE can be a dirty, yet fulfilling process.

Tonight saw the pairing of Horinger and Milo for the first time in a month, and like a Kiss reunion tour, they didn't miss a beat.

We met Heather-Something, and she was all smiles and quite pleasant with the students, happy to have some company.

One thing we're not big fans of is someone's inability to have concern for others. We witnessed some mindsets that seemed stunted with object permanence, and this is one thing we try to drive home to the students. We have to make ourselves aware of others before we can realize they're exist and try to help them. The more we stay ignorant of others, the more we'll just ignore them and go on our merry way.

Alan showed me a cartoon of a dog on trial with a jury full of cats. I kind of laughed, but then I realized I have court duty next week, and then my stomach sank like the anniversary of the Titanic.

By the way, we totally John 6:1-15'ed that food.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Solstice

Beth and Mitchell
Excerpts from the scribe book by Mitchell Mahone (with some gram- matical input by some guy)

"So, today, which is a Wednesday, @pmahonnn, @Mr_Greg_Milo, and me @MitchLM96 are the only ones brave enough to venture out into Akron in search of those in need.

"Our first encounter was with Ron L. We then stopped to take a picture (seen here) at Blue Ribbon Laundromat. Our next stop was Mr. Lucas, who is now a proud grandfather. "

Biblical Cigarettes

Requests from the alley:  "Cherry Blossom Body Soap, spray, and lotion."

"We watched the solstice sunset when we left Grace Park and we met (Greg) who won out when we gave the last of our food away; although, we gave Alan's PB&J's away. "

"Jimmy told us his plans to go back to school."

"But to conclude...all I can say is that it was amazing."

Special thanks to Beth of Project RISE for her expert bologna sandwich making--definitely a necessary and appreciated help!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Without, Withall

With one leader in India and one in Costa Rica, Project HOPE flourishes with the help of the Monkey Man...
Dear Zaxon,
Project H.O.P.E 6/13/12

Togetherness. That is the major theme I saw tonight. Through all the places we went, I saw one thing, everyone pitching in, and acting like one big family. One of the messages project H.O.P.E is trying to strive for. Throughout the night, I saw a big family. No matter what race you are, what age you are, or even what kind of talents you have, they all pitched in and made a big family. For example, when we went to Sherry's house, I saw a true family. Everyone coming over, young and old, race to race, all hanging out together with a nice meal, to sit and catch up on the latest news. Today, we has Americans don't actually take the time to sit together with our family alone, whether than with someone else. It is all about sitting and eating in separate places so we won't miss any of our material possessions. Materials. What I discussed about last week. Materials, they can really destroy us. Separate us from each other, that's how many of us, get so caught up in material possession, we forget about everyone and everything else, so that we are only appealing to ourselves. A little bit is good, but don't take it to excess. Tonight, I saw otherwise, I didn't see so much separation, whether I saw unity. Everyone coming together praising God for everything and just having good ole' chats with friends. It warmed my spirits to see that, you don't need to be isolated in with materials, you need friends and family to keep you going. By project H.O.P.E coming out, we are bringing everyone together, uniting a larger family in Akron. Not based on race, or wealth, but uniqueness, a way of welcoming all into our family and spreading it throughout Akron, and to me, that has made all the difference in my life. We need not to be caught up in materials that we forget about coming together, we must act and care for our fellow brethren and come closer, one family with one another. Tonight, I feel like we actually hit that mark, we united one another and shared some funny moments and good ole' memories, and we were there for each other, in times of grievances, (Mr.Lucas) we cheered him up, by saying, even though it couldn't purchase an organ grinder monkey, because his two dogs, Mozart and Spanky wouldn't "approve" of it, we said that he could have monkeyman (Mr. Kraus) to be his monkey, and we even joked about that a little bit. Through saying monkeyman isn't house trained so he wouldn't make a very good monkey for Mr. Lucas and that cheered him up fast. See? Family and friends are people to cheer you up when you are down, and to always be there for you, and tonight I saw that occurring in immense ways. Family.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Takee Outee

Tommy's past time
Monkey Man drove us around the Project HOPE tour with Gilmour-like perfection.

Stop 1: Sherri's off South Street.
  • No Sherri, but we met a new friend, Justin, who was once a bouncer, but after a sparring match that went wrong, he's jobless with a broken foot. And he's a Steelers fan.
Stop 2: Mr. Lucas off the E. Market Street exit.
  • He tried to help a friend's son who's found himself in trouble, but his efforts fell short.
 Stop 3: Jimmy's house off Arlington.
  • No answer.
Stop 4: Dean and the boyz off Adams.
  • Dean, this is my friend Dan, and this is my other friend Dan. Things are going well for the housemates, which is down to three.
Stop 5: Under the bridge.
  • Not expecting much, but there walked John, John, and Red the football player. Red just got out of the penitentiary. He told me to read Job to understand why the righteous suffer.
  • John used a lot of jabbing arm jesters to relate his story to Monkey Man, Ellen, Julianna and Megan
Stop 6: the alleyway across from the John S. Knight Center.
  • It was the first of the month, but no matter, the alley was a bustling place of multi-bag needers and extras-askers. 
  • A lot of distributing of food without a lot of talk. Not really our style.
  • We did get to spend some time with Kenny, and kids talked to Kevin.
Stop 7: Grace Park.
  • We had our first Allen sighting of the season. He showed us an article about a cat who got gassed twice and kept coming back to life, and now he's been adopted. Rasputin Cat.
  • Mr. Bill was also there, but he left when we got talking about Akron history with Howard.