Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where's the Graffiti

Keep an eye on your shadows.
Lengthy spots and forgetting lots. Take a traditional detour to find a distracting lure trusting an unknown sweetie to the convoluted path to the beautiful graffiti.

We met Donny who told us of his recent violent encounter, where a group of guys beat him into the hospital, breaking his ribs. As usual, however, Donny has picked himself back up. He described himself as a Professional Camper, establishing his tidy residence off South St.

Because of time, we split our team into two committed groups. Half of us spent some time with Brian Piszczek at Grace Park. He told us his story of being wrongly accused in 1991, which he fought and eventually beat thanks to DNA testing. Though it was 20 years ago, Brian still fights the pain and agony of those four years in prison.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sandwich Censor

$3 Jamie
Brought Mr. Lucas a house- warming gift of fellowship. Pleasant, reflective spot.

Jamie sat solo and as usual offered his thanks and chivalry.

A party erupted outside Jimmy's. People from all around began to appear, and conversations ignited and excited. There's a new pastor in town, and we hope he established a positive spot in the neighborhood.

Requests for socks and hoodies are are on the rise.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Best to know the past

Contemplating the next step for Mr. Lucas.
Had never really gotten to know Dave. Decided to dig a bit, and we found a whole new person, dynamic and three-dimensional. Cleared up a lot. Changed our perspective a lot. A person's at a singular moment is not a person. A person includes all the past experiences, struggles and joys.

Chris still wonders where Mr. Kraus is, but is he standing right in front of him or is he him or he haw?

Mark or Martin or Melvin or Malloy went to Zanesville--bad idea. Familial spat sparked sour sores.

Ya never know what's gonna greet ya followin' a HOPE night. Things turned chill when 90.3 went to Jazz.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Total despair and petty squabbles

On stage: Ultimate Bike Rage

Did he in- tentionally try to take and extra hot dog? When it comes down to it, who really cares? Ronald McDonald. Ronald McDonald cares, and he makes his disappointment known, but Cuba won't back down. Rashness flies every-which-way, using the neighborhood cats like bumpers in a pinball game. Supersonic escalation.  Exit Cuba, stage left, screaming off stage on his Schwinn followed shortly by Ronald and his booster seat. Eat dust kids!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spicy Pasta, love it 'r hate it

Ellen the Scribe


 I felt "friend- ship" was the major theme I saw tonight. Despite the intense heat from the week, I saw something, Everyone was still in good spirits, and coping with the heat (even though at times it may have been insurmountable). Tonight, I saw that I was acting as a true friend for them, not just "some bystander" whom many don't even notice them, as Sherry put it. I felt apart of them though, that I was trusted, and counted as a friend, as I talked with some of them, and laughed to cheer some up. Throughout the course of the night, I noticed that no matter who you are, we all matter and we all need to show we care, instead of just ignoring others that are less fortunate than ourselves. Tonight, I saw more people doing that, taking the needed time out of the their day to spend time with everyone, and make a new friend or offer a friendly smile. For once you do that, you become a bigger friend in society. No longer a stranger, but welcome around anyone, for you actually show you care for them, when most people barely even notice. To many tonight, that was all they needed. Like Cat for example, she really doesn't see anything of importance, but when I talked to her in the alleyway, I felt I gave her someone to talk to, someone with the same interest as her; Falconery. Same went for James at Grace park, I was their to listen to his stories. See? Many of us, don't want to be alone in this world, we all need friends to make the best of times, make us feel like we are important, and I felt like that was what I did. I was a friend for many tonight. As I listened to many great stories, and told some of my own. That's the most I can offer, being there for someone, to call friend.